John Ritter

John Ritter

John Ritter
Oyuncu, Seslendirme

Doğum Tarihi: 17.9.1948

Ölüm Tarihi: 11.9.2003

Doğum Yeri: Kaliforniya, ABD

Jonathan Southworth “John” Ritter (d. 17 Eylül 1948 - ö. 11 Eylül 2003, Burbank, Kaliforniya), Altın Küre ve Emmy ödüllü Amerikalı komedyen ve aktör.

Yıl   Film   Rolü   Diğer notlar
1971   The Barefoot Executive   Roger  
Scandalous John   Wandell  
1972   The Other   Rider  
1973   The Stone Killer   Memur Mort  
1976   Nickelodeon   Franklin Frank  
1978   Breakfast in Bed   Paul  
1979   Americathon   Başkan Chet Roosevelt  
1980   Hero at Large   Steve Nichols  
Wholly Moses!   Satan (The Devil)  
1981   They All Laughed   Charles Rutledge  
1982   The Flight of Dragons   Peter Dickenson   Voice Role
Direct-to-Video Release
1987   Real Men   Bob Wilson/Agent Pillbox, CIA  
1989   Skin Deep   Zachary 'Zach' Hutton  
1990   Problem Child   'Little' Ben Healy  
1991   The Real Story of O Christmas Tree   Piney   Voice Role
Direct-to-Video Release
Problem Child 2   Ben Healy  
1992   Noises Off   Garry Lejeune/Roger Tramplemain  
Stay Tuned   Roy Knable  
1994   North   Ward Nelson  
1996   Sling Blade   Vaughan Cunningham  
1997   Nowhere   Moses Helper  
A Gun, a Car, a Blonde   Duncan/The Bartender  
Hacks   Hank  
1998   Montana   Dr. Wexler  
Shadow of Doubt   Steven Mayer  
I Woke Up Early the Day I Died   Robert Forrest  
Bride of Chucky   Police Chief Warren Kincaid  
2000   Panic   Dr. Josh Parks  
Lost in the Perishing Point Hotel   Christian Therapist  
Tripfall   Tom Williams  
Terror Tract   Bob Carter   Segment: Make Me an Offer
2001   Nuncrackers   Narrator   Direct-to-Video Release
2002   Tadpole   Stanley Grubman  
Man of the Year   Bill  
2003   Manhood   Eli
Bad Santa   Bob Chipeska   Posthumously Released
2004   Clifford's Really Big Movie   Clifford the Big Red Dog   Voice Role
Posthumously Released
2006   Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up   Great Uncle Stew   Voice Role
Direct-to-Video Release
TV Dizileri
Yıl   Film   Rolü   Notlar
1968   Crazy World, Crazy People   Various Characters  
1970   Dan August     Episode: Quadrangle for Death
1971, 1977   Hawaii Five-O   Ryan Moore
Mike Welles   Episode: Two Doves and Mr. Heron
Episode: Dealer's Choice Blackmail
1972–1976   The Waltons   Rev. Matthew Fordwick  
1973   Medical Center   Ronnie   Episode: End of the Line
Bachelor-at-Law   Ben Sykes   Unsold CBS TV-Pilot
M*A*S*H   Pvt. Carter   Episode: Deal Me Out
1974   Kojak   Kenny Soames   Episode: Deliver Us Some Evil
Owen Marshall: Counselor at Law   Greg   Episode: To Keep and Bear Arms
The Bob Newhart Show   Dave   Episode: Sorry, Wrong Mother
1975   Movin' On   Casey   Episode: Landslide
Mannix   Cliff Elgin   Episode: Hardball
The Bob Crane Show   Hornbeck   Episode: Son of the Campus Capers
Petrocelli   John Oleson   Episode: Chain of Command
Barnaby Jones   Joe Rockwell   Episode: The Price of Terror
The Streets of San Francisco   John 'Johnny' Steiner   Episode: Murder by Proxy
The Night That Panicked America   Walter Wingate   ABC TV-Movie
The Mary Tyler Moore Show   Reverend Chatfield   Episode: Ted's Wedding
The Rookies   Hap Dawson   Episode: Reluctant Hero
1975, 1976   Rhoda   Vince Mazuma
Jerry Blocker   Episode: Chest Pains
Episode: Attack on Mr. Right
1976   Starsky and Hutch   Tom Cole   Episode: The Hostages
Phyllis   Paul Jameson   Episode: The New Job
1976–1984   Three's Company   Jack Tripper
1977, 1983   The Love Boat   Dale Riley/Reinhardt

  Episode: A Oh Dale...
Episode: Japan Cruise...(1)
Episode: Japan Cruise...(2)
1978   Ringo   Marty   TV-Movie
Leave Yesterday Behind   Paul Stallings   ABC TV-Movie
1979   The Ropers   Jack Tripper   Episode: The Party
1980   The Associates   Chick   Episode: The Censors
The Comeback Kid   Bubba Newman   ABC TV-Movie
1981   Insight   Frankie   Episode: Little Miseries
1982   Pray TV   Tom McPherson   ABC TV-Movie
In Love with an Older Woman   Robert   CBS TV-Movie
1983   Sunset Limousine   Alan O'Black   CBS TV-Movie
1984   Love Thy Neighbor   Danny Loeb   ABC TV-Movie
Pryor's Place     Episode: The Showoff
1984–1985   Three's a Crowd   Jack Tripper  
1985   Letting Go   Alex   ABC TV-Movie
1986   Living Seas   Host   NBC TV-Special
Unnatural Causes   Frank Coleman   NBC TV-Movie
A Smoky Mountain Christmas   Judge Harold Benton   ABC TV-Movie
1987   The Last Fling   Phillip Reed   ABC TV-Movie
Prison for Children   David Royce   CBS TV-Movie
1987–1989   Hooperman   Det. Harry Hooperman  
1988   Mickey's 60th Birthday   Dudley Goode   TV-Special
Tricks of the Trade   Donald Todsen   Cameo Role
CBS TV-Movie
1989   My Brother's Wife   Barney   ABC TV-Movie
1990   Stephen King's It   Adult Ben 'Haystack' Hanscom   ABC TV-Movie
The Dreamer of Oz: The L. Frank Baum Story   L. Frank Baum   NBC TV-Movie
1991   The Cosby Show   Ray Evans   Episode: Total Control
The Summer My Father Grew Up   Paul   NBC TV-Movie
Anything But Love   Patrick Serreau   Episode: Say it Again, Han
Episode: Martus Interruptus
Episode: Hello...Mali
Episode: Stop Me Before I...Again (1)
Episode: Stop Me Before I...Again (2)
1992   Fish Police   Inspector Gill   Voice Role
1992–1994   Hearts Afire   John Hartman  
1993   Heartbeat   Margaret Gibson   NBC TV-Movie
The Only Way Out   Jeremy Carlisle   ABC TV-Movie
1994   Dave's World   John Hartman   Episode: Please Won't You Be My Neighbor
1995   Gramps   Clarke MacGruder   NBC TV-Movie
The Colony   Rick Knowlton   TV-Movie
NewsRadio   Dr. Frank Westford   Episode: The Shrink
1996   Totally Animals   Host   TV-Special
Unforgivable   Paul Hegstrom   CBS TV-Movie
Wings   Stuart Davenport   Episode: Love Overboard
For Hope   Date #5   Uncredited Role
ABC TV-Movie
The World's Greatest Magic III   Host   TV-Special
1996, 1999   Touched by an Angel   Mike O'Connor
Tom McKinsley   Episode: Random Acts
Episode: Black Like Monica
1997   Loss of Faith   Bruce Simon Barker   TV-Movie
Mercenary   Jonas Ambler   HBO TV-Movie
A Child's Wish   Ed Chandler   CBS TV-Movie
Dead Man's Gun   Harry McDonacle   Segment: The Great McDonacle
Over the Top   Justin Talbot   Episode: The Nemesis
Buffy the Vampire Slayer   Ted Buchanan   Episode: Ted
The World's Greatest Magic IV   Host   TV-Special
1997, 2000, 2003   King of the Hill   Eugene Grandy   Episode: The Son that Got Away
Episode: What Makes Bobby Run?
Episode: The Witches of East Arlen
1998   Chance of a Lifetime   Tom Maguire   CBS TV-Movie
Ally McBeal   George Madison   Episode: It's My Party
Episode: The Story of Love
The World's Greatest Magic V   Host   TV-Special
Dead Husbands   Dr. Carter Elston   TV-Movie
1999   Veronica's Closet   Tim   Episode: Veronica's Favorite Year
Holy Joe   Joe Cass   CBS TV-Movie
It Came from the Sky   Donald Bridges   TV-Movie
Lethal Vows   Dr. David Farris   CBS TV-Movie
2000   Chicago Hope   Joe Dysmerski   Episode: Simon Sez
Batman Beyond   Dr. David Wheeler   Voice Role
Episode: The Last Resort
Family Law   Father Andrews   Episode: Possession is Nine Tenths of the Law
2000–2003   Clifford the Big Red Dog   Clifford the Big Red Dog   Voice Role
2000, 2001, 2002   Felicity   Mr. Andrew Covington  
2001   Tucker   Marty   Episode: Homewrecker for the Holidays
2002   The Ellen Show   Percy Moss   Episode: Gathering Moss
Law & Order: Special Victims Unit   Dr. Richard Manning   Episode: Monogamy
Breaking News   Lloyd Fuchs   Episode: Pilot
Scrubs   Mr. Sam Dorian   Episode: My Old Man
Episode: My Lucky Day
2002–2003   8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter   Paul Hennessey

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