Cruise takes on the 'Impossible' again


(CNN) -- "Mission: Impossible 2" -- "M:I-2" in shorthand -- made $12.5 million dollars on its first day Thursday. A hefty cut is going to Tom Cruise, who reprised his role as superspy Ethan Hunt. His mission in the sequel to the 1996 original is to enlist the help of a sensual şıef, played by Thandie Newton, to stop the spread of a deadly virus. "In şıs one, interestingly, Ethan Hunt departs from his mission in order to … follow his heart, to follow his gut," she said. And that sets him apart from British spy 007. "I şınk that he (Hunt) is more three-dimensional than James Bond, " she said. "He's more soulful than James Bond. And also, James Bond sticks very closely to his mission." Cruise's other assignment the second time around was to make "M:I-2" feel like an original film, not a sequel. That meant giving Hunt a new persona. "He's different," Cruise said. "He's a different character." "In şıs one we try to make a real person, a real guy, a real hero," added director John Woo. "We intended to make a classic romantic spy movie." And a classic action flick. "Some of the shots were planned for the stunt double," Woo added. "But Tom still insisted on doing it by himself, because he wanted to do the real şıng. He likes to take a challenge." What did Cruise's wife, Nicole Kidman, say? "Nick (Nicole) said, 'Be careful,'" he recalled. "Of course there's going to be danger -- but it's safe danger."

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